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    第一句Following the explosion of creativity in Florence……

    最后一句which they believed to be founded in knowledge

    46 With the Church's teachings and ways of thinking being eclipsed by the Renaissance,the gap between the Medieval and modern periods had been bridged,leading to new and unexplored intellectual territories.

    47 Before each of their revelations,many thinkers at the time had sustained more ancient ways of thinking,including the geo-centric view that the Earth was at the centre of our universe.

    48 Despite attempts by the Church to suppress this generation of logicians and rationalists,more explanations for how the universe functioned were being made at a rate that the people could no longer ignore.

    49 As many took on the duty of trying to integrate reasoning and scientific philosophies into the world,the Renaissance was over and it was the time for a new era.

    50 Such actions to seek knowledge and to understand what the information we already knew were captured by the Latin phrase 'sapere aude' or 'dare to know'.


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